Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Some physical symptoms of fear are shaking, loss of breath, excess sweat, loss of ability to think straight. A fearful person might look lost, or "out of it". They might be always checking behind them, or appear to be shaking. They might talk quietly, or avoid people in general. Extreme fear affects the mind by disorienting the thinking process, causing people to act on instinct of survival, rather than rational thoughts. It can could judgement, and even stop the thought process entirely. When you feel extreme fear, adrenaline and other chemicals are released from your brain into the rest of your heart, giving you increased strength, and a fight or flight response. It has been said that if your brain releases enough of these chemicals, it can overwork your body systems, and possibly lead to death. Fear can cause hallucinations in what we see and hear. If we are afraid of someone following us, or something jumping out at you, your brain imagines these scenarios. Sometimes they feel a little too real though. We master fear by telling ourselves that it will be alright. If you are afraid by the idea of someone coming after you, or someone preying on your fear, you can become fear yourself, or imagine that you yourself are the thing that you are afraid of.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The supernatural

I have never had a supernatural experience. The closest thing to one was when I thought I was home alone, so I believed that the piano was playing itself. It was my mom. I don't know anyone who has told me any story about something supernatural hat happened to them. I might in the future, I don't know. If someone offered me a free reading of my future, I would decline. The only thing that keeps a surprise a real surprise is not knowing it. In my case, I like to believe that my life could go anywhere. Plus, I have a hard time believing hat people can see into the future. If I did get the reading done though, I would react calmly, and think about it. I don't know if that was my future no matter what, or if it will be depending on how I live my life, and the choices I make. All in all, I would not pay much attention to it.