Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Something different that I tried when writing I the past week was to write a story that gives evidence and details that would lead the reader to believe one thing, but in the end, I revealed that it was not what they thought at all. It worked out very well, because it was easy to state things that avoid the subject that I'm leaving for the end. It was written in the third person, but it followed one character's point of view. It was very exiting because I was using a technique that is used in one of my favorite movies: "The Prestige". It was kind of frustrating trying to craft it so it would make sense for a reader to believe something that was not true in the story. I liked how it turned out, and I will try to do more of it in the future.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My goals are to become better at visual writing, or writing that puts pictures into the minds of the readers. Another goal is to become better at creative writing. A method of completing my first goal is to picture what I'm writing in my head before writing it, and then describing it. For my second goal, I will probably want to expand my range of creative writing skills. I will try to think of things that are interesting to me, and the reader alike. Things that grab people's attention like explosions, or guns. Maybe less violent methods, though. All in all, I think that my chances of succeeding for my two goals are very high. As long as I stay on track, I will go far. I will try to dig deeper than I usually do, to produce the best writing possible. Stay tuned for more updates.